Geoenvironmental dynamics and risks in the middle Susa Valley

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The Susa Valley is very interesting both from scientific and educational point of view to study and understand gravitational processes and natural risks derived by slopes instability. Over the years the researchers have been chosen a multidisciplinary approach in the analysis of the area, considering both naturalistic and social aspects.

Analyzing the wide available scientific literature about natural hazard and risk topics, the local and regional components characterizing the environmental dynamics of the area of the Susa Valley were defined. The slope processes (weathering, surface erosion and mass movements) have been described and mapped in order to outline the present structure of the valley. The study of lichens on the surface of the rocks made it possible to identify the relationships between the deglaciation and the deep seated gravitational slope deformation (DSGSD), for instance studies about the DSGSD of Serre La Voute and the paleo-landslide of Sauze d’Oulx. Thanks to the results of this research the evolution of the valley from the Pleistocene to the present was virtually rebuilt.

Equally useful researches about the risk assessment and the vulnerability were done in the Cassas landslide area. By integrating data derived from multi-spectral and iper-spectral satellite imagery, and from multi-temporal analysis on aerial photographs, it was possible to identify risks and to define the most vulnerable sectors of the territory affected by the landslide.

In order to analyse the vulnerability of the area cartographic and photographic data, about human settlements and infrastructures, have been collected. The pictures and the historical documentation are available in order to develop didactic works on natural risks, enabling to compare historical and present features of the area, useful to the understanding of the geological evolution of the territory.

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