Tools for the geosites management application of TIQ

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Group Coordinator: Riccardo Beltramo
Working Group: Beltramo, Duglio, Vesce

Interdisciplinary research Team “D” (Tool integrated management of a geosite: application of TIQ) aimed at concretizing some actions carried out by the other thematic research groups.

By collaborating with the geo-focused research teams, useful tools to enhance and communicate the concepts of Geoheritage and georesources were analysed and adopted.

IT D focused on the ScopriMiniera/ScopriAlpi geosite in Prali (Germanasca Valley, Torino) by installing an Integrated Management System and the remote sensing network of environmental variables, called Scatol8®, designed by the Commodity Science area of the Department of Management (University of Torino). Based on the TIQMS – Territorial Integrated Quality Management System – model, the site was analyzed under different perspectives: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, European Landscape Convention (ELC), OHSAS 18001:2007, SA8000:2008, The European Landscape Convention. Results include the assessment of the suitability of the Scatol8®’s electronic components for the mine environment and its adequacy to be adopted in any peripheral unit that will form the complete network.

Furthermore, data collected by the coordinator will be sent not only to the Internet, but also to the TIQMS, thanks to its computerized procedures. At present, the connection between Scatol8® and the TIQMS records (temperature and humidity) has been implemented. The results have been interpreted as contributions to the recognition of the economic value of geodiversity and presented in public events (Salone del Libro, Torino 2015, EXPO2015 Milan) as part of a proposal for Geoconservation guidelines for geoheritage and geoparks the Regione Piemonte, including planning considerations, tourism initiatives and sustainable economic development strategies.