Visual representations of environments and geological processes

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Group Coordinator: Vincenzo Lombardo
Working Group: Lombardo, Giardino, Perotti and the Virtual Reality Multimedia Park research staff

IT “B” (Visual representation of geological environment and processes) evaluated the best solutions for producing digital geological scenarios; results have been presented and discussed within national and international scientific meetings (GeoItalia 2013, Pisa; IAG 2013, Paris) then offered to an international audience of PhD ’s and young researchers (a total of 55 students of 12 nationalities) at the IAEG-IAG Summer school 2014, Bard Fortress, Italy and the Macedo summer on Geodiversity and geoheritage, Macedo, Portugal 2014.

Earth Scientists, graphic designers, and computer scientists, created virtual geo-environments by fulfilling both scientific and aesthetic interests, Geoheritage value was enhanced by promoting videos of few minutes to synthesize the most relevant findings of the Progeo-Piemonte project (e.g. video installation for welcoming students and visitors at the Earth Sciences Dept. Univ Torino; contributions to the ScopriAlpi exhibit, Germanasca valley, Cottian Alps).

The geological history of the Tanaro valley, in permanent show at the “Teatro del Paesaggio” in Magliano Alfieri, Cuneo).