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The multidisciplinary project PROGEO Piemonte offers an innovative approach for the management and enhancement of the geological heritage of Piemonte Region. The premise is that the Geodiversity of Piemonte is materialized in some sites of high scientific, educational, tourism, etc. value. The sites where this geoheritage is preserved (geosites) therefore have both public and private interest. They are subjects of research, contents for educational activities, destinations for geotouristic proposals… They can also become targets for projects of geoconservation, economic valorization, sustainable management, conscious usage, …


The innovative approach of PROGEO Piemonte to geodiversity and geoheritage considers not only the geological features of the region, but also its physical geographical, political, economical, historical and cultural components.

A “Cultural Geology” for studying the interactions between the natural and “cultural” elements of the geological landscape, those determined by human activities (e.g. archaeological, historical, architectural and religious elements).

The components of regional geodiversity are studied in a comparative way and classified based on the characteristics of the most representative geosites. The analysis of their scientific, educational, cultural, aesthetic content allows a real quality assessment of geoheritage. This makes it possible to develop a proper promotion and management of the region. Moreover, this ensures a balance between the protection of Nature and the need for local economic development. The project activities are developed within 9 geothematic areas representing the geodiversity of the Piemonte. They are considered strategic areas for advancing Earth Science knowledge, for spreading geological “awareness” among the population and for promoting sustainable development of the local economy. In these areas we aim to achieve a collaborative management and an enhancement of geoheritage. The ultimate goal of the PROGEO Piemonte project is to define the guidelines for regional geoconservation.

Project PROGEO Piemonte actions:

  1. PROGRESS IN THE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE – Specialized research groups work synergistically to increase scientific knowledge on geological history of the Piemonte, on climate and environmental changes, on natural hazards, land use and georesources.
  2. LAND DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION – The knowledge is not only shown through the geological sites, but also through the development of museum collections, exhibitions and nature trails designed to promote the geotourism in Piemonte. The project involves the development of techniques for the visual representation of the geological processes and the setting up of experimental projects with schools, which will allow to prepare educational tools useful for spreading Earth Science knowledge.
  3. COLLABORATION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES – All activities are carried out in collaboration with qualified local partners, in order to clarify the needs of the local asset management. The economic assessment of geodiversity at the local and regional scale will allow the production of guidelines for the geoconservation and the integrated management of the geological heritage in Piemonte.

Each area is managed by a group of specialized researchers, which work in synergy with other groups to pursue the common goals of the project. In addition, four interdisciplinary teams collaborate with geothematic groups, in order to achieve specific geological and economic analysis of the territory and divulge the results. An international scientific committee evaluates the quality of the project, the validity of the proposed strategies and related products.